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Fish Species In Costa Rica

costa rica fish species to plan your vacationWe hope our article about Costa Rica fish species will be a great help to plan your next Costa Rica fishing vacation. People who are looking in google for fishing species in Costa Rica are interested in specific fish species. Means they want to know when it’s best to come to Costa Rica and where to go to enjoy a successful fishing vacation.

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Costa Rica fishing species

black marlin

The black marlin you find in the Pacific Ocean. For sports fishing, the black marlin is the premier game fish.

The best season for marlin is from May to September!

blue marlin

The strikingly beautiful blue marlin is one of the biggest fish in the world. So there are no wondering why the blue marlin is most wanted trophy by sports fishermen.

The best season for marlin are from May to September!

striped marlin

Many anglers consider the striped marlin to be the perfect billfish.

dolphin, mahi mahi fish, dorado

That’s something for dinner! Mahi Mahi are fast and acrobatic game fish with beautiful colours.

rooster fish

Rooster Fish are surely the ultimate inshore trophy fish. They are aggressive and show incredible fighting power. Catch and release!


The sailfish is world-renowned for the provocation they provide even the most experienced anglers. Catch and release.

red snapper fish

Yummy for dinner. My favorite food fish. Nothing better than catch your snapper in the morning and put it on the BBQ in the evening.

wahoo fish

The wahoo is a great predator from the family of mackerel and tuna. Highly regarded by many gourmets! So, if you catch a wahoo you have a fine dinner.

yellowfin tuna fish

The yellowfin tuna is among the larger tuna species. They can reach weights around  180 kg

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